Why should we learn more about “Women of color”?Why should we learn more about “Women of color”?


“Women of Color” — Who Are They?

The term “women of color” may seem like a new invention, but it’s been around for a while. In fact, this term was coined back in 1791 and retains the same definition today. So, who are these women of color? It’s pretty simple. Women of color are all women whose race or skin color is different from white women. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad today, but it may have been in the past.


Back in 1791, slavery and segregation were a big part of society. White people had all the privileges, and people of color were shunned or subjected to slavery. Of course, that applies to women of color. Even though the difference between women of different races is obvious, people still had to make a term for it. So, that’s where this term comes from.


Even though it had a negative connotation, things are a little different now. Besides talking about this term, let’s talk about the kind of struggles women of color may be facing today. But it’s not all bad because women of color now receive rights and recognition they’ve never had before.

Misconceptions About Women of Color

Non-white women face misconceptions every single day. No matter where they find themselves, people point fingers, both literally and metaphorically. Unfortunately, these misconceptions didn’t go away with time. So, what are these misconceptions we’re talking about? It all depends on who you ask, but misconceptions can be pretty wild.

For example, people usually think that black women are loud and angry for no reason. It’s not uncommon for some to think that these women look ‘dirty’ or unprofessional no matter how much effort they put into their looks.


On the other hand, Asian women don’t have it any better. Misconceptions about Asian women depend on the part of Asia they’re coming from. However, these misconceptions can include Asian women being nerds, lolitas, obsessed with looks, or too crazy and controlling.


Unfortunately, it seems that no woman of color is safe from stereotypes and misconceptions. People usually don’t stop to think, for example, why are black women sometimes loud or easily agitated. We believe it stems from years of racism and being unheard of by society. All it takes for women of color to feel safer in today’s society is treating them as equals to everyone else. After all, they’re as much a human as any of us.

Common Struggles

If you thought some of the misconceptions we’ve mentioned are wild, wait until you hear all about the struggles women of color face daily. One of the well-known facts about non-white women is that they struggle with the “glass ceiling” in a work environment. 


What does that mean? The glass ceiling is a term that refers to the inability of minorities to advance in their careers. This inability is only due to their race, gender, or ethnic background. Does that sound wrong and unfortunate? We couldn’t agree more, but that’s not where the struggles end.


Luckily, slavery is a thing of the past, so women of color (and especially black women) don’t have that to worry about anymore. However, that doesn’t mean their life is suddenly easy. People refuse service to these women, treat them differently, are dismissive, and are less likely to help them.

Unfortunately, this says a lot about the society we live in today. Women of color aren’t a unique species that we need to treat badly simply because they look different. They’re just women trying to live their lives, mind their business, and provide for their families. The only way to fix the injustice is to give these women the rights they deserve.

How Women of Color Are Acknowledged

Not everything is as grim as it seems, though. Why? Because, nowadays, we acknowledge, empower, and celebrate women of color. We, as a society, realize how important it is to celebrate our differences and be inclusive. After all, our society is as diverse as it gets, and everyone needs to feel like an equal part of it.


So, how do we celebrate women of color today? Maybe you’ve seen an increased number of women of color in ads, movies, news, etc. That’s because the one way we can empower women of color is to give them visibility. When we make women of color the center of attention, they can tell us all about their stories and struggles. After that, we’re able to help and adjust, so these women have the same societal privileges as white women.


Acknowledging women of color for their deeds is just as important. Giving them awards is great, but it’s the acknowledgment that matters. Not to mention, a lot of movements help women of color by uplifting them and ensuring their voices are heard. To conclude, it’s safe to say that women of color have it better now than ever before.

Women of Color Receive Equal Rights

Finally, we came a long way as a society. Today, women of color have the same rights and privileges as white women. This means they can live their lives and advance their careers freely, without other people bothering them. We realize that misconceptions and stereotypes are harmful, so we should judge every person individually.


Thanks to society evolving like this, we can now see women of color holding positions of power and authority. What does that mean? Women of color are now entrepreneurs, doctors, CEOs, business owners, and more. Plus, these women have enough representation in popular media to empower young women of color to chase their dreams.


This means that non-white women can finally chase their dreams because they’re achievable, and nobody is in their way. Unfortunately, misconceptions and stereotypes will never completely go away. So, women of color still have to face them from time to time. But what we can do as a society is educate those around us, so everyone can live their lives happily and without worries.