Why Men Are Going Crazy With Curvy WomenWhy Men Are Going Crazy With Curvy Women


In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of some really irresistible women. However, they’re not your regular, skinny girls that we’re all used to. These are voluptuous women with big curves and breasts who don’t care what the fashion industry is looking to promote as acceptable and good-looking. But what do men think about them?


Well, it’s safe to say that they’re more than happy to date such girls. You can see it from music videos where dancers bounce around with their behinds, twerking like there’s no tomorrow. Men are simply going crazy for them. As such, our article will point out ten different reasons why they love them so much. So, let’s jump into it, shall we?

Bigger Boobs

The first reason is pretty much obvious, we’d say. Plus-size women simply have bigger breasts, and that’s what makes them more attractive for men. Some guys are, as you probably know by now, all about boobs. They want to kiss them, suck on them, and touch them like toys. And that’s great as long as their partners feel the same.

In their eyes, a few extra pounds don’t mean a thing. Moreover, boob guys will overlook the fact that you might be bigger and heavier than them. The whole idea is that curvy women with big breasts have an advantage. Skinny chicks just lack the goods, and even if they get implants, they still can’t compete.

More Booty

Similar to big boobs, plus-size girls have a bigger booty. This is what closely follows modern trends in pop culture. As we’ve said, music videos are full of girls twerking. However, this form of dancing requires a bigger set of buns. You can’t do it if you have a flat ass that can’t bounce around and hypnotize men.

They’re Softer

Another thing that makes curvy women more attractive to lots of men is the fact that they’re just softer than others. And in all honesty, most guys enjoy snuggling and hugging as much as anything else. A soft, chubby girl can provide them comfort while doing so. Sure, you can do the same with a skinny partner, but it’s just not the same.

No Bruised Thighs

While having sex with someone thin and full of bones, you’re likely to get bruises all over your body. Yet, being physical with a girl who has a few extra pounds eliminates this problem. Neither of you will feel like there’s a knife sticking into your stomach or, even worse, crotch or thighs.


No matter what type of position you choose to explore while having sexual intercourse with a softer body, you won’t feel any discomfort. Although it might seem a bit harder to be acrobatic and experimental, you can still pull off pretty much everything.

They Eat

There are not many things more annoying and uncomfortable than being the one who’s eating while the other person watches. You know, going out to a restaurant with your partner who’s skinny and nibbling a salad while you enjoy a steak. It’s simply unpleasant.


However, curvy women don’t do that. They go out and have a great time with their partners, eating without a care in the world. It’s sexy and sweet. Moreover, there’s a curvy woman online who cooks and eats while wearing only underwear, and her subscribers simply can’t get enough of her.

They Look Younger

Regardless of how you feel, most people have a fear of aging. This is especially true for skinny-size models. The thing is, once you reach a certain age, your body begins to wrinkle, losing its elasticity. But if you’re a bit chubby, well…


You can easily mistake plus-size fashion models who are in their 40s for 30-something women. The extra pounds fill out the wrinkles and pores, allowing you to look a lot younger than you are. And we all know that a young woman is a major turn-on for guys.

It’s a Sign of Fertility

Aside from all these reasons, there’s one that’s above all others. In evolutionary terms, curvy women present a perfect matting partner. Their size subconsciously tells men that they’ll be able to bear children without any complications. Even if they don’t want kids, their brain is simply wired like that.

They’re Not Afraid to Get a Little Rough

It’s no secret that some guys like it rough. However, playing it like that in the bedroom with their skinny partners isn’t going to work. They want a challenge, and a tiny, thin woman won’t be able to provide them with that.


On the other hand, big girls with curvy booties and big breasts aren’t so easy to control. They can use their mass to turn guys around the bed, changing sex positions and putting them in submissive roles. In other words, voluptuous women are not afraid to get rough.

It’s Classic Beauty

If you think about it, classic art represents women as curvy figures. Only as of the second part of the 20th century did we begin to look at skinny models. Moreover, it was a big thing in the nineties with the “heroin chic” look. But that’s over.


Throughout history, women in paintings and sculptures were voluptuous. They would have large breasts, big asses, and heavy arms and legs. It was a sign that a woman was healthy and able to give birth. One can’t help but wonder where that idea went.

It’s Less “Boyish” and Less “Child-Like”

A skinny girl is more likely to resemble a child — moreover, a boy. And let’s be real here. Straight guys are not looking for that in their partners. They want a real woman who’s visibly mature. Also, most guys are looking for a thick figure in their female partners.And who can blame?