“Women need to always remember to celebrate their sexy and once they have that in mind they can be comfortable and confident in their skin. Having new pairs of lingerie was wonderful and my husband got so turned on. If you’re shy wearing skimpy clothes I suggest you break more ice by wearing a pair in the bedroom first. If I could I’d buy different types of lingerie everyday although the ones I already have are fairly versatile. Also watch a marathon of America’s Next Top Model just to get yourself in that headspace. ;)”
– Miss C


Love love love the lingerie. I feel sooooo sexy in them. My husband loves them!


“These sexy underwear made me feel so so beautiful, and I would get a pair every week if possible. It helped raise my confidence, especially after losing weight and still not feeling “good enough”. If you are scared, or nervous because of how you look this is the perfect way to get outside of your box and bring your confidence to a whole new level. I recommend these ladies 100%.”
– Miss A


“Wearing sexy lingerie is all about finding your inner sexy and bringing it to life. I loved everything about my first time experience wearing these types of undies. My husband made me feel comfortable and confident while we were getting it on. Do something before wearing them to calm your nerves, then you will come out more natural as opposed to a stiff robot.”

– Miss Coleen


The gifts my husband got me are my favorite gifts he’s ever given me! I felt so pampered each month when my box arrived. Thank you for creating this opportunity!

—Joye & Stuart


My husband Michael bought me three pairs of lingerie for our 8 yr Anniversary. It really makes you feel special. Thank you for your tips!!

—Cindy & Michael, Beallsville