How Do You Find The Perfect Yoni Egg For you?How Do You Find The Perfect Yoni Egg For you?


With this set you can easily work on the strengthening of the vagina and pelvic floor muscles. But yoni eggs promise more than just strong pelvic floor muscles.These yoni eggs also have an energetic effect, depending on the stone. For example, they help to heal emotional tensions, traumas and blockades.

Training with yoni eggs comes from the Taoist tradition. In their view, the pelvic floor area is a place where emotions such as stress, anxiety and pain are often stored.

This yoni set consists of three eggs. It is a piece of Jade, an egg of Rose quartz and an egg of Obsidian. Three commonly used gems for yoni eggs, all with a different effect.

You can try out different stones with this set and experience their effect. Start with the stone that most appeals to you at first glance. No real preference? It is often suggested to start with a Jade yoni egg, by the cleansing, softening and healing effects. The rose quartz is also a fine stone for beginners due to its mild, soft and soothing effect. It is often nice to use after the jade stone. The black Obsidian yoni egg can have a somewhat more violent effect. You need to know How to remove yoni eggs now.

Effects of working with the yoni eggs

  • Awareness of pelvic floor area
  • Strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Helps with both tightening and releasing the pelvic floor muscles
  • More sexual enjoyment and better orgasms
  • Easier release of tension in the vagina
  • Good blood circulation of the vagina
  • P revitalizing effect on organ prolapse
  • Potential effect on organs such as liver, spleen, bladder, intestines and kidneys
  • Strengthens the feeling of being a woman
  • Helps to be and stay in the here and now
  • Different stones, different effects and results
  • The different stones have different energetic effects.

Yoni egg from Green Jade

Jade is a gemstone with a cleansing and healing effect. The jade stone helps to release negative emotions and irritation. Jade also works physically cleansing, balancing all kinds of bodily systems and removing toxins from the body. Jade creates harmony and balance in body and mind. It works on the heart chakra and promotes love, care and tolerance.

A jade stone is the perfect stone to start with

Yoni egg of rose quartz

Pink quartz is the gem of the heart and love. The stone works strongly on the heart chakra and opens the heart to give and receive love. A yoni egg rose quartz promotes self-love and self-acceptance. Rose quartz has a mild, gentle effect. It is calming when sad. It promotes empathy, openness and helpfulness.

Physically, the stone has a positive effect on the heart, sexual organs, dizziness, sexual problems and fertility. It helps with age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Tantric yoni egg of Obsidian

Obsidian is an insightful gemstone. In other words that belongs to Obsidian; processing, protection and cleaning. An obsidian yoni egg helps to ground and unfold and stimulates personal development. It can help you discover who you are. The stone strengthens the sight and gives clarity of mind.

It brings up hidden experiences and emotions. That can also work in a confrontational way. But it can also be used to remove negative energy. It also ensures that you are less affected by negative external influences. Obsidian can help break patterns, such as self-reproach, eating disorders and all kinds of addictions.

Physically, the stone is analgesic, stimulates digestion, detoxifies and improves circulation. As a result, the stone can also heat up with chronic cold hands and feet.

How do you bring in a yoni egg?

For the insertion of the yoni egg you have to take plenty of time. For example, first start with a body massage. You can do this with the egg. Massage your body where you like it. Then gently massage the vaginal mouth with the egg. If you are sufficiently excited, let the egg rest with the convex side against opening of your vagina. The egg will slide in almost automatically.

Does the egg not easily slide in with you?

Then you are probably not excited enough yet. Then continue with the massage and then try again. If it still does not work and you are excited enough, try a biological lubricant. Some women are not very humid even when they are very excited. And there may also be periods that simply become less (fast) humid. Then a lubricant is a nice tool.

How do you use a yoni egg?

You wear a yoni egg the way you like it best. Some women carry the egg at night, others during the day. Nothing is wrong, you can experiment with it.

You can start wearing the yoni egg for fifteen minutes and walk around with it carefully. You can then wear it a little longer, for example during cooking or ironing. You will automatically notice when it is nice to carry the egg and when not. You will also notice when you release the egg. In addition to the activities, there must also be times when you do nothing while carrying the egg. That you have the time to feel the effect of the egg. A next step is to do exercises with a yoni egg for a healthier lifestyle.

Exercises with yoni egg

Bring the egg in and try to pull the egg up in a deep breath in your vagina. And on an out-breath you relax and let the egg drop. Feel how the egg goes down and up at the rhythm of your breaths.

Bring the egg in, lie down. Now try to move the egg up and down by tilting your pelvis up and down. Remember that you have to breathe quietly.

Remove yoni egg

The eggs all have a hole with a string. With this you can easily remove the egg. You can also replace the string with a dental floss (without coin). That is even more hygienic. Over time, if you are confident with the egg, and you can push the egg out of the vagina yourself, you can also use the egg without string. But do not make that a goal, hard pressing can be harmful. As long as you feel that you really have to press to remove the egg, just use the string.

Increase exercise

If you are used to practicing with the egg, you can attach weights to the string. This to make the exercises heavier.

Cleaning Yoni eggs

Always clean your egg with a PH-neutral soap and some warm water before use. Before the first use, boil the yoni egg in water for ten minutes. Note: put the egg in cold water and let the egg slowly warm up with the water. Otherwise the egg can break because of the temperature differences.

After use, clean the egg for 5 minutes under the tap with running lukewarm water. Charging is done by the moonlight. Place the egg behind the window or outside in the (preferably full) moonlight. Visit for more details.

When not using a yoni egg

  • You should not use a yoni egg during your period, it is best to wait until 5 days after the start of menstruation.
  • The use of the Yoni egg should never hurt. Pain? Then immediately remove it.
  • During pregnancy you may only use a rose quail egg. Do not do that for more than half an hour a day, several times a week.
  • Yoni egg: nature product
  • A yoni egg is a natural product. All yoni eggs are unique and differ from each other in structure and color.
  • The eggs have a medium size, 40X 25 mm.
  • Are all pierced and equipped with a string. They are packed in a nice bag.