Homemade Sex Toys For MenHomemade Sex Toys For Men


Dildo, vibrator and more: you like them all! But even in the budget hide some hot sex toys for erotic hours for two. Experts reveal with which converted sex toys you can really have fun.

Sex toys guaranteed in every way guaranteed a little variety. In addition to the usual sex toys such as vibrators, handcuffs, lust plugs or love balls hide especially in the household some sharp toys – of course, for singles. Take a closer look around your own home!

Start your tour in the kitchen. There is certainly one or the other fruit and vegetables, which not only satisfies our hunger. The classic banana or cucumber come peeled and condom used during sex or as a single toy. Ice cubes also make erogenous parts of the body tingle and make you want more.

Next, the erotic tour goes to the bathroom. There are utensils such as shaving brushes that are ideal for petting warm-up. Not to mention: the washing machine. Dare a hot ride in the spin cycle. That really gets your relationship going again. Believe us, you will want to wash more often soon.

Nevertheless, caution is advised: Not every everyday object is suitable as a sex toy. For sharp or fragile objects, the risk of injury is simply too great. So you do not have to worry about it, we’ll tell you how you will have fun with banana, corn cobs and Co.

Sextoys for couples – Do you want to make the foreplay during sex a bit more varied? How about sex toys? We’ll give you tips on how to make sexiest couples start a hot love game.

Sextoys for foreplay: tips

The foreplay is an important part of the love act especially for women because women usually take a little longer, until they can let go and adjust to the lovemaking. With homemade sex toys for couples and a few tips, the prelude can be intensified, so that the following lovemaking will be even more beautiful.

Tips: Erotic massage as foreplay

So that you can enjoy the lovemaking properly, it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed. An erotic massage can be helpful. Special massage oils support muscle relaxation and can also be wonderfully integrated into foreplay. Because some of the oils are suitable for consumption and can be licked or nibbled off the partner’s skin. Such edible oils are especially recommended if you want to use not only the hands, but also the mouth during the massage. Among the sextoys for couples who are particularly well suited for foreplay, including underwear made of sweets. Whether string thong, bra, nipple stickers or cock rings made of candy – when you nibble the sweet treats you will certainly get going.

Tips: Sextoys for couples are lust-increasing

To make the touch of your fingers even more intense, you can wear special finger covers. These stretchable sleeves, which are usually made of silicone, are provided with grooves, nubs or other structures and are simply pulled over the finger. They make sure that the parts of the body you touch are more irritated, and thus increase the pleasure. In an extended foreplay, you can also use a vibrator or a massage stick wonderful and provide both Him and yourself pleasurable moments.

You do not have to buy sex toys like a vibrator or other of this kind to make the situation warm. If you are a little creative, you will understand that you have plenty of opportunities in your hands.See what you can use from your household as a sex toy. You will never look at these items anymore.


Cool the spoons in the freezer for a few hours and then pass them on the skin to one another. Put them on your lips, slide them down your neck and lower them around your nipples and abdomen, then on the inside of your thighs and genitals, to the toes.

Electric toothbrush

Wash the handle thoroughly with soap and warm water and then feed it to put it in you. It will bring you the pleasure of the light vibrations it delivers.

Comb and hair brush

Do not you think they can have “dual use”? Pass a soft comb or brush over his buttock, or use the smooth brush to brush it or vice versa.


Take a pair of smooth leather gloves or fluffy cashmere or, best of all, a pair of two models. During sex, treat him with your back and chest, run his fingers over his hair, or playfully knock him over his buttocks.

Powder brush

If you have a dust brush in your pantry with a feather that you do not use, you can take it and cover your skin with each other. The slight touch of certain parts of the body with such a brush acts exciting for both.


A rubber or silicone spatula is ideal for whipping because it is soft and flexible.

A tie

If a boy wears a necktie, take it for the end and pull him to his kiss and while kissing him, take off his tie and tie it around his eyes.

It is a good thing for the tie to fall on one side and not back so that it can lie comfortably on the bed. Closing his eyes, everything you say or do with him will be more intense. If he does not wear a tie, a scarf would do the same job.


Better handcuffs than tie or scarf can be obtained from one belt. Tie his wrists with the belt to the bed or somewhere else where it’s convenient.


Put a pillow under your butt before having sex to get deeper. You can take some pillows and put them under you when you have sex in the back sling to experience quite different sensations. You can do so to press your clit for extra pleasure.

Make-up brush

You can use it to lightly stroke the V area or paint his body with liquid chocolate.

Vacuum cleaner

If you remove the plug that is at the end of the tube, plug it in and use it to touch it to your underwear and feel the clitoris sucking. If the sensation is too strong, adjust it so that it is pleasant.

Ice cubes and hot tea

Pass the ice cube on his spine and then sip the hot tea and lick the trough of the ice cube with your tongue.


Before you make oral love, eat a mint candy to experience a very different feeling.


Put a towel under your hips while you are on a back sling . So it can stretch its ends to bring you closer to yourself.

Necklace or necklace around the penis

Put it on the inside of his thighs and caress him gently, then wrap it around his penis. It will make him exciting. Visit lovegasm for more details.