Clothes for Fashion

it’s kind of learning I’m back with
another video now it is like 6:30 a.m.
so I’m thinking and I had to wash my
hair to film this video cuz my hurts
really bad but here I am with another
try and hope as you can tell by the
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video guys today I wanna say he shouted
to leave out the clothing company for
working with me on this EDI they’ve sent
me a bunch of really really really
amazing clothes honestly such good
quality and I’d hardly recommend them
there plus a super super affordable so
all the products I have are going to be
linked in the description so yeah
definitely go check them out they always
have discount codes up on the site if
there’s any active at the moment then I
will put some down below yeah if you’re
interested then honestly their stuff is
amazing super affordable and they always
go with the season so that they have
summer stuff then they have autumn when
like for they have winter they have
spring they have outfits for pretty much
any occasion they have shoes accessories
as well all that stuff is honestly great
so yeah go check them out the links are
all in the description and all the
products that I’m going to be wearing in
this video or in the description too
let’s go okay guys so first product that
I got from them was these like camo
split trousers now I think I need to put
the even washing machine open you know
and you not first get things and they’re
quite like stiff there are time it’s
thick but these actually fit amazingly
honestly they have okay so they’re like
this these are a size medium as well one
side order both sides and say both sides
have buttons on so you can wear them
left partly open the full way open or
you can get whether not fully shut I’ll
pre wear them probably like this much
shot and then all the open to the ankle
so it kind of like droops as well but
and then also what you can do is you can
open it the whole way and actually have
like a a.split trouser makes it play and
I think these are so cool honestly these
are perfect sizing as well considering
like I have quite a big bar it’s hard
for me to
trust me but this size medium was
obviously amazing for me usually I’m a
size like small in jeans but I knew
because they were like kind of like camo
we kind of they’re gonna be they’re not
gonna be like jeans that have to be
tight I want these to be loose on me so
yeah I got these honestly the quality is
so good like it’s not thin like I can’t
see through them at all like the quality
is so thick it comes with pockets as
well which is really good and I love the
camo like I’m not a fan of camo but
black and white camera I do really like
and I have actually been looking for
somebody for a while so I’m gonna wear
these with like a white bandeau top and
probably some boots and big yeah I
really think these are gonna look nice
and I honestly can’t wait to wear these
like I honestly and probably in a
woman’s the airport when I go on holiday
so I go to Amsterdam in like two weeks
so I’m probably gonna wear them then but
these are honestly amazing I love you so
the next thing I got from telling about
was this skirt now this was I don’t know
how much this was but these are all
honestly so so affordable and so it’s
like a pleated skirt now I’ve always
struggled with pleats or skirts because
they’re always really long like because
I’m quite short I have to get whoo yeah
this is a size small but I always have
to get like a southern India because it
doesn’t like go over my butt and then
have to worry about I do actually have a
really nice butt which I’m gonna wear
this guy with this gap because the voice
is still a tiny bit too big even though
it is a size small but I did struggle
getting over my butt up first but then
afterwards it was honestly fine it’s
perfect Wolters I’ll probably roll it up
a tiny bit or have it where kind of high
waisted because I love it when it’s got
sash or basic goods I’m a slag but yeah
I really like this the materials so nice
I can’t wait to wear this with like like
a roll neck black kind of top with like
over the knee boots but yeah I think I
will iron it a tiny bit somebody wants
been in the post that some of the
creases of kind of like the police have
kind of been flattened but honestly this
is amazing feel and material and it’s
not thin it doesn’t feel shape it feels
so nice oh yeah I’m so excited to wear
this as well I’m gonna take this to
Amsterdam with me whoo guys it’s just
chicken Ramona don’t get stuck on my
patient it’s down in the description
everything on there is super sexy super
hot and you do not want to miss it so go
check that out the next thing I got her
to leave it was this cropped
high neck kind of
sweatshirt thing and it has this thing
here so if I want I can it’s hard to do
clicks on okay I can like tighten it to
make it tight around my waist but
honestly I love this like the material
is so nice I love how the sleeves are
really big as well because it’s baggy
I’m probably gonna wear this was just
like leggings or high-waisted jeans and
I honestly love this like I’ve wanted to
jump like this for ages such a good
quality it’s so nice at the feel you can
wear it like completely zipped up or you
can like have it down pat sure like a
bit of cleavage but it’s completely up
to you I love the colors as well at the
gray the white the black it’s just so
nice and it’s warm as well when you wear
it like it’s quite hot on my room when I
put it on how’s that whoo which is good
but it’s not too hot so he’s literally
perfect for the autumn weather the next
thing I got was this plain bread top in
a size small and it’s this bad girls
club now any tops I get like this I do
always tie them off like here and like
kind of move up so it’s like cropped you
can see my stomach but this is such a
nice material like it’s not see-through
or anything like and I thought it would
because it does feel quite thin but
after putting it on I was like you know
what this is so good like this is so
nice the print is really nice on it it’s
so soft like honestly it’s like it’s so
soft like it’s the kind of softness that
you want in a tshe so soft on a say like
I didn’t really know what to expect with
this top because I was like is it gonna
come thin like what’s it gonna be like
but it came so nice and yeah I’ll
definitely tie it up and it’s just so
lovely on I said love it lovely
okay guys the second from last thing I
got from Thalia was another one of these
kind of tops but this one’s a lot
shorter like it kind of just goes under
my boob and which I love about it I’m
gonna wear this with probably
high-waisted jeans or something like
that I did actually get one of these the
other day from like H&M; it says Brooklyn
on it but this is once again like the
material isn’t air stuff but it’s
thicker so it is warmer material as well
and it’s got like a it’s like taping
kind of in zero down if you can see it’s
not like costume it’s like tape then I
lost a nail on the shower if you want to
see me rock some of these outfits guys
don’t forget to go follow my Instagram
on a slave my Instagram is poppin at the
moment I’m so thankful for all the
followers I’m gaining I’m getting so
many more yes–that’s taping material
and you can obviously wear it like this
or you can undo the thing and we’re like
that it’s actually offering wear this
one like that and the
other one Aloha but Italy just Falls
right in my boobs and obviously when
your boobs I kind of go out it lifts it
up so it’s really nice it’s kind of like
a cheeky kind of style and I really like
it like honesty I am in love with like
the clothing styles this awesome like
this time of the year like I’m in love
with the crown itself so that’s so nice
the last thing I got and my favorite
item of all is this brown like teddy
bear kind of coat it’s so soft it like
it feeds in it like the arms which is
really good and it is big as well so
it’s kind of oversized and honestly this
feels absolutely amazing it’s fluffy on
the inside as well I’ve got this in a
size medium so I knew it’d be bigger and
honestly it’s so so fluffy this type of
thing like you want to go out but you
don’t to take a coat and this would go
with anything like denim jeans black
jeans white jeans black boots brown
boots red shoes you know it go with
anything and it honestly feels I could
tell you’d like I think I have teddy
bear not the spare bedroom that I like
this but this is even softer than them
and it has cute little pockets as well
so if you want to like wear it and let
you’re gonna be listening to music you
can now put your phone in there have
your everything’s coming out it’s really
good like this honestly so comfortable
and this was super affordable as well if
you were to buy this I think it’s like
twenty dollars or something so it’s
really cheap it’s honestly the material
I wasn’t expecting much from it because
it of the price of it but the material
is so good and I know they do it in
black and white I think as well so I
might have to get another one in black
or white but honestly this is so good so
perfect for autumn like winter like
Christmas kind of weather and yeah like
a night out like imagine this of like
white I don’t know white jeans a watch
harp and some brown boots just like a
lot like they’d be so nice like I love
this and yeah I want to say I’m really
really really happy with this collapse
like honestly the Crocs are great
they’re amazing and yeah I really like
it it’s one of my favorite clubs I’ve
done actually die yeah definitely go
check that out or the links for all the
products that I was wearing in this
video I’m gonna be down in the
description and promo codes which should
probably be down in the description as
well if not I’m sure when you go to buy
something off the website there will be
one on the web sex whenever I go in
10% off here 20 foot off here so that’s
really good they came in good packaging
as well like every piece of icing like
sometimes when you get like packaging it
comes in just like a little bag and you
have to rip it open but these ones are
like it’s good packaging you know it’s
thick you know nothing’s gonna get in
there and get damaged and it closes like
that as well it’s resealable which is
really good meaning that if you order
the wrong size and you do want to return
something you can comes with all the
labels of course so yeah I’m going to
check out my patreon because everything
on there is super super sexy super hot
and yeah if you want to see more that’s
the place to be you know twerking videos
yeah you know you know the drill go
check it out the links are all in the
description if you want any more
information as well give me a message on
Instagram and follow my instagram which
is Lauren Lexus I’m just got x and also
guys wait like close to I think 25,000
subscribers I don’t have we passed it
yeah I haven’t checked but I knew we
were close so let’s see I’m so so
thankful is amazing anyway guys I love
you guys a lot and I will see you soon
for another video goodbye


this hey what’s up you guys my name is
blueberry welcome to my channel for this
video I decided to try the website from
we I’m pretty sure that most of you
already know what probably yes but for
whoever that doesn’t know yet wrong way
is a pretty famous website wait is
possible to purchase really cheap piece
of clothing so it kind of reminds me of
the boohoo or shine and that’s why I
decided to try it so the first item that
I purchased is this military green
bodysuit with hoody bodysuit it looks
really like the picture in the website
so I’m not mad at it the only thing is
that I was expecting it to be a little
bit more heavy like but it’s really
really thin there as you can see there
is a zipper going along with the
and there are little like cuttings
amongst leaves and a little hoodie in
the back so it is really really similar
to the picture in the website so yeah
I’m not married I’m really excited to
try this on the next item that I
is this cute two-piece along with the
shorts and top and this is the two-piece
this is this is the shorts they are
really short but I’m kind of excited to
try it on I don’t really have anything
similar to this so that’s why I decided
to purchase it and it was only 9 pound
so these are the shorts and this is the
top matched with the with the bottoms
it’s as you can see it’s open in the
back so I don’t know if you should wear
a bra with this let’s see how it looks
with a bra and I think you would be able
to see the bra from the back I’m pretty
sure like it’s really deep so yeah so
yeah I’m really happy for this as well
the fabric is it doesn’t look that cheap
to be honest it doesn’t feel that cheap
to the next piece of clothing I want to
show you guys is this cute black
leggings they have white stripes on the
sides and they have like this elastic
belt kind of white you can see it’s
written love all over it and you know
pretty cute on
model on the website so it’s decided to
try on I got this in a size extra small
and the fabric it feels really cheap
guys I think this is the type of fabric
that after you were like three times and
then you wash it out it’s gonna be all
loose next time you wear it
I’m not really sure to be honest I think
it’s gonna be a little bit loose on me I
got this in a size extra small so let’s
hope for the best
the next piece of clothing that I
decided to purchase is this cute little
bag I wish you guys could feel how soft
this fur is like it feels really soft it
doesn’t even look that cheap to be
honest oh yeah this was only three pound
so I find this really clear to be honest
the next bit of clothing that I
purchased are this shorts he’s 10 shorts
and I was really hoping that they would
be in the correct size and everything
because I don’t have anything like this
they’re high-waisted and they feel they
don’t feel that cheap they feel like you
got you can purchase them in a shop so I
hope it’s gonna fit me and the next
piece of clothing I decided to purchase
is this cute cute really cute bodysuit
I’m really really happy for this I’m
obsessed with cats so when I when I saw
this I was like yeah I need this gosh I
hope it’s gonna pick me the next item
that I want to show you guys are these
cute little fishnets
over-the-knee fishnet socks and the
thing that really got me was this cute
little stripes on the top of the
fishnets so let’s try them on moving on
I decided to purchase some dresses the
first dress that I want to show you guys
is this really really really cute little
price little right price
obviously you can’t really see the way
I’m really sad that the camera can’t
really show you how cute these dresses
the material feels like it kind of feels
expensive to be honest it doesn’t feel
like it’s bought from wrong way and just
guess how much this world this was only
nine pounds 67 the next dress I decided
it’s really cute sporty dress we could
say this was only a five pound 61 I mean
I think this would be really cute to
wear to be honest especially during
summer but also doing spring if there is
like a really hot weather this spring it
would be really cute so moving on the
last piece of clothing that I want to
show you guys is this really scandalous
dress um I don’t know if I will wear
this because it’s red with the
scandalous yeah well so oh God
so this dress as you can see is open
like all the way open in the back and
kind of scare dice come and look a
little bit loose on me because in on the
model it looks like it was all tight
over here on the waist I’m hoping it’s
gonna feel like that on me as well it
looks just like the picture though I got
this in a size small and this was even
more cheaper than the wrap dress
probably cuz the fabric feels a little
bit more cheaper than the red dress and
this was only 4 pound 35 so if you need
to go to a night out and you want to be
scandalous I think this will look cool
now that showed you all the piece of
items that I got guys I think it’s time
to try them on and see the realty so the
first piece of clothes I decided to try
on is this cute little boy suit with the
cat on it and I’m really liking how this
looks to be honest and also we discard I
really love it but it’s really like
tight on the boob area to be honest and
my boobs are actually trying to pop
house from the polly suit yeah you’d
probably would feel really exposed with
this I I think I would wear this if like
the weather is really hot and I’m
feeling a little bit bold yeah I think I
was just worried because of the cut
that’s why I would wear it the next
piece of code I want to show you guys is
the two-piece I really like this it’s
super comfortable and I kind of like how
it hugs my you know my finger I
don’t only have curves I am trying to
like work out and get some night you
know girls yeah I don’t mind it I might
have told the only thing is that you
obviously would have to not wear a bra I
took off my bra because I noticed that
you could see the strap of the bra and
even if you wear a strapless bra I think
it would be like really uncomfortable so
the next piece I decided to try on is
the leggings with the love mark on it
and I’m actually loving how this looks
as you can see I have a little bit of
fatness going on over here but it just I
think this the white stripes have you
ever had a dream that that you you want
you want them to do you so much you
could do anything are kind of like
covering it anyway I don’t know maybe
that’s my impression I don’t know but
what do you think guys I think it’s
super comfortable super like I think you
could also wear this during my Colton
yeah I’m living for this this outfit oh
that’s alright so here we have another
outfit oh yeah I don’t money at all to
be honest they’re really comfortable
they have my body they have my waist I
have a real tiny waist so it’s hard for
me to find like a pair of denim that are
really sketching my waist and then I
decided to put this fishnet socks on am
like the end of itself is really cute as
you guys can see I don’t really like it
on my leg to be honest it’s like hugging
my fatness that’s what they’re doing
I don’t like it I’m trying to like
saying yeah I like it but I don’t be
honest I don’t like the I wasn’t
expecting it to be this tight to be
honest how many times I’m saying to ever
give a thumbs up Danny
making shorts but I’m sorry about the
like maybe I should pull them up a
little bit more about the same just over
than me oh yes no I don’t like it I like
the fishnets but i reaiiy really really
like the shorts I want you to work with
this to look cute so now we have they’re
equally jumpsuit I’m kind of loving how
comfortable this looks to be honest it
also feels really comfy I wasn’t
expecting it to be this soft I don’t
know I don’t know how to explain to you
guys how light yeah how light it feels
really light and I was kind of scared
that the cut things would be show too
much but they’re really yeah you can see
how they’re not they’re not too white
they look pretty nice yeah I’m giving
this a huge thumbs up I think I’m gonna
wear at this one Oh Oh a new skill with
equity as well oh I thought they will
look weird with the hoodie but it
doesn’t look on oh wait
yeah no mind I thought they was looking
cute but it took me like a while to open
the new bodysuit and to get in and to
like close it again because the zipper
is really really pretty it stops a lot
that’s the only annoying thing a part of
that it’s really like comfortable I’m
really liking this one yeah you can pull
like a more edgy look if you wanna be
yeah I like this so for now it’s going
really well let’s see the next one let’s
move into dresses and guys I think so
far I think this is my favorite piece of
item that I bought from from wrong way
it’s super comfortable
it feels so soft I I can tell you guys
and it hurts my my body like really
cutely it doesn’t it’s not even that
short to be honest I would feel a little
bit like oh my god boy you know I
yeah it’s gonna be a little bit weird if
you’re not comfortable with wearing
short skirts but I’ve really loved this
one I think I’m gonna pull out this one
a lot I’m doing summer so the next
outfit you guys is this cute cute cute
cute dress I’m living for this one I
think this one along with the shirts and
the black dress are like my favorites
from the Buddhist Hall I mean oh my god
look at the bad guys it looks so cute
and like Haughton looks kind of sexy I
think I think you can pull this doing
like a night out and I love the fact
that is hugging this area I love when my
clothes are sent went in my waist area
it’s a vanity material but it feels
really I wish you guys can come I could
come here and feel how soft these
dresses it tightens this area the area
that actually accentuates your busy I
can’t wait to pull this out if I go out
to think this is gonna be the next dress
that I’m gonna wear guys I don’t know
what I was expecting to be honest so um
this is the last dress the most
scandalous dress I’m kind of scared to
move too much because I don’t want to
flash anyone because I feel like that if
I kind of like if I go like this I will
flash my whole ass to all of you it’s
really open by the side I kind of don’t
want to flash anyone guys so I’m gonna
I’m gonna keep it like this it’s really
open from this side obviously the back
its legs no back I really like a top
that shows your back but like everything
else is really really scandalous I mean
look if you’re very comfortable with
your body or if you feel like you could
pull something like this and don’t be
afraid that your your whole back every
so this would be like the perfect dress
a thing I would never pull out something
like this because I mean the cut is too
high my underwears really up I’m kind of
giving myself a wedgie the dress itself
is really really cute
I like the idea I like the fact that
someone is comfortable enough for
wearing this but I mean personally I
don’t think I would buy this personally
I don’t I don’t think it gives a nice
shape over here one good thing about the
cleavage is the fact that it kind of
lays here so I don’t I don’t think that
if I move like this my chest is going to
show and that will stay with the whole
you guys I really hope you enjoyed the
video I think wrong is really worth the
shot because the items are really cheap
and I think I liked every piece of
clothing that boat let me know in the
comment section down below what you
think about the whole and what was your
favorite piece of clothing and I’ll see
you guys next time
hi guys welcome back to our channel so
today we are going to be trying on some
stuff that we got from honey bun but
yeah yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this
video if you guys enjoyed this video
make sure you like it give it a thumbs
up all that good stuff
and we will see you guys in our next
video bye guys umm just got through my
breasts because it’s time that is what
shares that is quite see-through but ya
know I like it
the materials like sheer on top kind of
materials like that we need she funny
material and it’s got like you all you
do is just tie the front like this and
that’s it summer vibes it’s got two
layers of flare on the on the sleeves
which is really nice
secure yourself I don’t want to wear
this on a rainy day
oh my god my comeback is on already day
from he posed to the rain
Oh get it get it get it get it get it
good Wow yeah I got is this TPC lounge
or any bomb I love I love a good lunch
OS so I really do like this very key is
really tight and snatched – Casey – I’ve
got one of those ones that you can see
no you aren’t yes I hate thanks one say
you yeah see what color because someone
is wearing see it you can’t see – oh
this is so nice and I want it so nice
did you I don’t recall seeing this on
the website there are your chances
inside out they shot a little bit don’t
get too excited
if you will be some holiday with the
booty clapping yeah funny or even oh no
it’s like Oh pictures so happy so cool
yes you’re crazy
and you have to tie this to yourself by
the way so yeah yeah
I love the scrunchies on the haneda they
say that sophisticated thing ah ya go
oh it looks big yeah
love love love I love it yeah guys I
dunno is crazy
I sweat the patron gods she’s crazy
you actually might not hungry you just
did that someone life I look at that
furry so next one I got is this taught
me and Shauna actually got the same top
yeah we don’t actually seem to compete
each other this time
so you’d literally just tie it apart
untie a let’s meet rest to the world so
usually just tie it like this so let’s
say she’s gonna double time so I’m it’s
all double time I look at it’s quite
tight I don’t know what side like oh I
think I’ve got a size 8 size 10 I don’t
know well it’s quite tight like my
thighs are literally like this but it’s
not snatching me in the right way I
expected some people trying to stretch
it out and it took us ages to do the zip
as well which is just a bit too much for
me I like it
first all right
I do like and understand like all one of
this yes to the marching this the
material is bandaged as well so yeah
it’s alright I guess I feel like it’s so
if I was to wear this I’d have to have
my hair up because this one is my head
I’m just hearing so much yeah I like it
I like it it’s like you yeah excu it’s
one of those ones that if you have
nothing to wear you know you can just
wear it I guess if I have nothing new to
wear must be nice yeah if I if I was
like to go to a point and you don’t have
anything to wear which is free this one
must be nice to just throw on a new
dress so the next thing is this
two-piece rope like this so it’s so long
and then you’re gonna have what to do
with it like I just I’m gonna cut it
oh yeah I’m gonna I’ll probably end up
cutting it Chris just Sudan it’s just
it’s like Papua TV would you call this
yeah it’s just like it’s not bandaged
it’s just like just like really tight
right here you pick up some brake pad
led back and we’ll say the material is a
little bit to slinky to tight yeah but
it could work that I just this this is
my next outfit and that is it like I
don’t sexy bitch you know I love a bit
of families like a side Breanna
disciples hmm but I don’t give a damn
exactly exactly I just would like my mom
needs to get with the times that I can
use to understand that this is a new era
we are in the 21st century
you cannot be telling me what I can and
cannot wear tomorrow else love me like
what did you say but I mean it like this
I really like it I want this buddy see
so if she says copy copy copy copy gasps
so what does that mean something that I
want know
so are you bitch ah okay this outfit get
into your hair take off I love history
of the Baptist I stream and load cots
yeah it’s quiet it’s like string under G
its job and the jeans has written again
love it and I love how it just finishes
like a lucky yes so it finishes really
bluntly like the jeans which I’m showing
everybody way what did you say well I
just you’re so annoying
oh nice so the second thing I got is
this over to be really nice which is
really I’m like this anchor and material
yeah but this is that should be okay so
yeah HBC freeze after that come on red
eyes nipples kingi’s but yeah it’s
really cute actually comes with shorts
inside yet as well so it comes with the
material says actually shorts in it
no it’s I think is really good and yeah
not really like the ss-sorry night nice
and sexy I really like it’s okay what
material do could affect me
material really keep so yeah thank God I
got it
you’re my kid no we got the same thing
obviously no I didn’t so now we’ve got
the same Tom and Eileen the same same
companies but hers is gray – black
wasn’t it
yeah he’s young yeah really like this
you guys already know you do for my dear
this one it’s got I’m like it was shorts
underneath that going to say that bitch
I own a see-through setback bitch haha
what I all look really nice at some key
training legs maybe I like something
cute designer trainers yeah yeah yeah I
really like me like I like I like the
ribs in the in the crack kind of things
should be Oh is there one oh yeah
there’s a bum crack please read us in my
yeah yeah I like how the top has that
line in the middle of it as well yeah oh
I was gonna get this was here yeah I
know remember not getting it because I
thought like this girl might be two
small boys no it’s perfect
I thought it was gonna be too short yeah
I was thinking either when it’s good –
excuse me O’Shaughnessy
well don’t wash away bit I feel like I
have something really nice that trainer
yeah that’s all gonna say you be nice Oh
blanket so the next piece I’ve got is
these traps each houses to see stripes
have a book to stripes on both just
normal bridge and stripes gang t-shirts
like nothing just casual babes oh it
doesn’t actually come at the top so it’s
just met a great rap trousers so hard to
put on because it’s one of those ones
that doesn’t come all the way to the top
on its own so it’s a little bit like but
yeah this will be nice if you’re running
errands or just stuff like that you just
need something quickly to wear thing is
cute yeah okay so these are my second
jeans I really like and it’s got its
pretty thing as well detailed
oh my god the strength of my biceps damn
honey I’m G my nostril I am
I am strong they call me King Khan as I
did as crazy nice of my genes
am I not it’s bounded strong yeah you
want my strong I think yeah ah okay I
think they’ve had enough of your games
now I just get that you’re gonna drop me
out with it I carry my mum as well yeah
yeah I’m coming and I’m so anything
that’s so funny oh you’re so cute I do
carry my sister sometimes of it but
little rips in it but the rips are not
that bad
not as far as no oh yeah this is nice
nice cute
oh the next thing I got is this jumpsuit
thing it kind of gives me like onesie
but yeah different when I put a card
actually Wow if you’re running errands
Mia if I was running errands and yeah
yeah if I was running errands it does
not and just put this on a place over
yes got yoga then I get my nails done
yeah well nice to this a loungewear by
in a jumpsuit kind of Maya so yeah it
has their little own label honey on the
side and then I have like a honey well
label here as well it’s kind of like the
same but in a short sleeve
well then I’m gonna happen fer this one
yeah I thought I’d get material um
dresses it down yeah I mean yeah it may
cause it’s a lunge where material I just
make she not want to wear it but you’re
just wearing it yeah honey and stuff I
think I would still wear it after this
one I would still wear out just because
of the way it’s still you know it’s
still open I would wear it with like
some massive Hills
what yeah but following out with my
friends to eat or for drinks or
I wear it out I’m very out material
what do you think it’s cute it’s just
got the honey thing on the side there as
and this here I actually like it there I
don’t know why you didn’t like oh this
is the velvet that you didn’t like me
it’s not that bad I think I asked you
know what is my one tees are this
material I know I just see it as nice or
one job over here but I still say that
she won’t be real helpful truth okay
maybe I will wear this I would wear the
black one that you go I don’t think I’ll
wait this color out would you why the
color just looks a bit of them only
looks a baby
maybe our where it’s alike that’s little
cinema yes cinema we’re never having me
since I’m you know you think let’s
assume we just sort of become yeah I’m
gonna become fear this yet Sydney what
this is cinema it sometimes you want to
wear your one thing to the cinema but
you can’t but yeah and it’s got the
honey logo there as well just idealists
yeah yeah that’s it that is it from me
and that is it from us be yourself
a town dude